The Freakin Rican
Everyone has a fave burger recipe and this is mine. The FREAKIN’ RICAN’ is a sweet plantain bacon burger that will blow your mind, not your budget. In Puerto Rico (my homeland!) there is a very common meat filling called “picadillo”. I like to make the “picadillo” into a burger patty and top it with sweet fried plantains and bacon. It’s Puerto Rico in one bite. TRY IT!
Real Chefs. Real Kitchens.
I am so proud of my NEW video series "Real Chefs. Real Kitchens." If you're a food geek like me, I'm sure you've wondered what pro chefs make in their home kitchens when the clock isn't ticking down and they don't have a dining room full of people to serve. What is a real Chef's comfort food? I've made it my mission to find out and to get a few amazing recipes while I'm at it!
I Hope He Chokes (Caramel Crunch Apple Cup-Pie)
This is the pie that got me over the divorce hump and into the MasterChef 3 Top 100. There is something mesmerizing about chopping an apple while you’re imaginary fighting with your ex-husband. I can’t recommend it enough as a part of your healing process.  This recipe makes 7 cup-pies and takes about two hours.